Find Your Dream House in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand

Lanna Property makes the property market of Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand transparent and approachable for foreign renters and buyers. Whether it's for a short-term rental of a few months or permanent relocation, we match buyers and renters with the Thai sellers and landlords.

Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand have a rightfully garnered a reputation as enchanted places for holidays, relocation and retirement. The Chiang Mai region features a landscape of lush green mountains, a milder climate than elsewhere in Thailand, and a people who are as welcoming and genuinely friendly as hardly anywhere else in the world.

We believe that Thailand, and especially Northern Thailand, will continue to be an ideal living place for foreigners, with an

  • exceptionally high quality of living,
  • excellent health care facilities providing world-class care at very low cost,
  • high safety with very low crime,
  • last but not least, very low living costs.

Foreigners won't feel homesick as many international supermarkets stock produce from their home countries, there is a plethora of international restaurants, expat clubs, business associations and informal get-togethers for expats. And the Internet keeps everyone connected.

Chiang Mai is also an ideal base to explore one of the most interesting regions in the world, with still-virgin Laos, recently opened Myanmar and the news frontiers of South-Western China that have come within easy reach by plane and increasingly by land.

Our agency would like to assist you honestly and professionally to find your property to buy or rent in Northern Thailand with a focus on the Chiang Mai area.

We take into full consideration the legal situation that currently bars foreigners from purchasing land. We will not offer dodgy "workarounds" that will do more harm than good in the long rund.

There are options such as long-term lease of land but these cannot give the same long-term investment value and security as freehold ownership. As a matter of policy, we will not assist buyers wit "work-arounds" that are against the spirit of the law.

If you are a property owner and want to put your house, apartment, condominium or land up for sale or rent, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will create a professional listing of your property on our web site.