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We are a real estate agency focusing on properties in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand with an emphasis on rental of apartments, condominiums and houses as well as sales of condominiums. Due to the legal situation we currently do not recommend the purchase of land by foreigners.

We named ourselves after the ancient and magical kingdom of Lan Na, the golden land of the million ricefields, founded in 1296 by King Mengrai the Great who also founded the Northern Thai capital, Chiang Mai, in the same year.

Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand have a rightful reputation as enchanted places, with a landscape of lush green mountains, a milder climate than elsewhere in Thailand, and a people who are welcoming and genuinely friendly as hardly anywhere else in the world.

We believe that Thailand, and especially Northern Thailand, will continue to be an ideal abode for foreigners from all countries. This land offers and exceptional quality of living, excellent health care, high safety and very low living expenses.

No foreigner from any country will feel homesick as many international supermarkets stock produce from their home countries, and the Internet keeps everyone connected.

In fact, Northern Thailand might be an ideal place to ride out the current global financial turmoil, as low living expenses and high living standards form a unique alliance here.

Our agency would like to assist you honestly and professionally to find your property for sale or rent in Northern Thailand. We acknowledge the legal situation regarding the purchase of land and we can't offer any "workaround" for non-Thai citizens.

We also manage property and real estate for owners seeking foreign renters.

If you are a property owner and want to put your house, apartment, condominium or land up for sale or rent, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will create a professional listing of your property on our web site.

Again, thanks for visiting and please let us know via email how we can assist you further!